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    My father moved our family to the Big Island of Hawaii in 1970. His dream? To get his captain's license, bring his 50' Chris Craft to the island and chase big game fish up and down the famous Kona Coast for the rest of his life. My mother, brothers, and I were transplanted from our busy urban lives in Huntington Beach, California, to a sleepy, fishing village in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Our frequent and lengthy visits to Kona during my childhood in no way prepared me for the reality of living here and I experienced quite a bit of culture shock. However, the magic of the Big Island of Hawaii and my resulting new life here soon had me never looking back. My brothers and I fished the tranquil and impossibly blue, Kona waters with people who would charter my father's boat. These people came from all over the world to sport fish and to enter what is now known as the "Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament." Please allow me to brag a bit here and tell you that in 1971 my dad's boat, carrying the Tahitian team, broke the HIBT record for the largest blue marlin caught on 80# test line. His record stood for some twenty years. In those days, the HIBT (or the HBT as it was known then) was the only thing that put little Kailua-Kona on the map. Anyway, when I wasn't fishing, I was surfing or body-boarding at La'aloa Beach Park, better known as Magic Sands Beach or just Magic's.

    My young adult-self found me working as a hostess in several of the hotels and restaurants here in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii when… surf was not up! I gained valuable experience in management and the kitchens after I met my Food and Beverage Director husband. For some years, I helped him open new restaurants on Oahu, Maui, and Kauai, the island where my daughter was born. No matter what, we always, always came back to our home on the Kona Coast.

    My daughter was eight when I lost my husband to cancer. Alone to support my girl and my mother, I went into Real Estate. I worked in Real Estate Sales, Association Property Management, Escrow, Title, and Mortgage Brokerage. My career in Real Estate has resulted in expertise helpful not only to those wishing to purchase property or relocate here to Hawaii but also for those wishing to visit and vacation in the islands.

    Nine years later, I was stunned that another great love managed to find me. Life with a successful oilman and avid outdoorsman swept me into a whirlwind of travel, much of it international, as I became a 1K flyer with him for 17 years. He taught me much of politics and finance, he taught me to ski and golf, and I accompanied him as he hunted big game all around the world. My small-town eyes were opened so that I gained a much broader understanding of our world, the different peoples living in it, and ways to read the signs that indicate how the future of our world might be unfolding. He also taught me how to fly that many miles and live through it!

    Now? I live with my daughter, my baby granddaughter, our 4lb Yorkie, Ipo, and Kai, our 75lb Doberman. Throw in 4 cats and a few chickens, and that's us. I spend my days caring for them and writing my customized, original content as a website content writer… when surf is not up!

    I’m able to write on a wide variety of Subjects

    • Travel and Leisure

      I’ve been a 1k flier and have traveled to over 60 countries

    • Real Estate

      Was in real estate for over 15 years

    • Science and Technology

      Undergraduate study in Physics

    • Food and Cooking

      Professional Food and Beverage Experience

    • Hawaii

      Hawai’i resident for almost 50 years

    • Health and Beauty

      Keeping abreast in the beauty and anti-aging industry

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